Friday, August 19, 2011

The Truth About Forest Fires!

“ Forest fires are started by careless campers.”
                        -Department of Homeland Security-

This statement is False. I don’t see how any of you could believe that. Indy and myself have decided to reveal the truth. Like our 32nd President Don F. Kennedy (DFK) once said. “The truth is like a slice of juicy watermelon…it’s just so good.” The truth is folks, forest fires are caused by trees overheating. Just like cars trees have a coolant system, it keeps them reasonably cool on a summer day. Every tree is filled with a special tree coolant that is filled by faries. As you know there are many many trees in this great nation, but believe it or not there are a limited amount of faries. It also doesn’t help that the FDA and YMCA have put out a bounty for faries. What they don’t realize is that with no faries the trees cannot stay cool! This is a disaster!

How You Can Help!!!
Indy and I have taken it upon our selves to keep the trees cool. You will only need a few items…
1.A super soaker
2. Several bottles of antifreeze
3.Mass amounts of courage
 I would like to encourage you to fill that super soaker with antifreeze and begin to spray every tree in your neighborhood. We need your help!

We have received this letter from someone just like you that has a desire to help save trees.

Dear Indy and Wildman,

My friends and I have spent all our college funds on helping to save trees, its so rewarding! We have a 24hr watch system going in my neighborhood, we call it the "coolant spray team" and thanks to you guys we have not seen one tree catch on fire! You guys are the best! Thanks!

                                                                                    Emma-age 12

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