Monday, August 8, 2011

Walking Paths

Recently I've received some e-mails from fans (of the "great outdoors") wishing to know more about these mysterious "tiny dirt roads" that appear through out our forests, parks and even cities. The first thing to note is that these are often called "walking paths" or just "paths". We don't know much about them but here's what we do know...

1: THEY'RE MADE OF DIRT... usually.

2: THEY'RE MAN-MAD. Though no one seems to know exactly who the mysterious "men" are that make these paths. Men in Black perhaps? Or nature angels? Perhaps even the great sasquatch or possibly even a land-based variation of Dolphin Man? It's impossible to say with any certainty and after my numerous calls about this topic to the parks department of Stark county went unreturned, all I can say is that it may forever remain a mystery just who creates the paths.

3: THEY OFTEN LEAD TO NO WHERE?!?: Yes, another great mystery about these paths is exactly where they take you. Often times they just stop. Some times at a road. Other times at a river or gully. Occasionally I've found they run in a circle and after hours and hours of circling I realize that the paths sole objective seems to be to waste my time.

4: THEY ARE INUNDATED WITH PEOPLE: It's sad to see yet another aspect of nature that is being over-run by people but yes... again, humanity has found another venue to stamp, tromp and even ride (on bikes or horses) all over to the point of no-repair.

Those are the facts that I have compiled about walking paths. In the future I will doubtless be adding more as we discover more bits of knowledge about these mysterious avenues.

Information compiled by: Indy

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