Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reader Q&A with Indy: Week 1

Every Saturday on the Indy and Wildman blog I will be stopping by to answer any of your nature-related questions. Want to know what a stick is? Or why you aren't legally allowed to urinate in a public park? Perhaps you're curious as to why I was fished out of a waste-treatment facility by local police this past Thursday evening?

Well, simply post your comments under this article (or any article really) and I will do my best to answer them next Saturday. This week we didn't get any comments at all so I have answered some questions that I often ask myself.

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Question: What is a caterpillar?
Answer: The modern caterpillar is the closest remaining relative of the mythical "dinosaur". I realized this fact after trailing one for over seven hours and watching it take part in various activities (such as eating a leaf) that really reminded me of that long-necked dinosaur at the beginning of Jurassic Park.
The Caterpillar isn't dangerous... OR SO YOU'D THINK!!!? I posit, however, that the caterpillar may secrete a fluid known as Asidmenovenom... or "Death Juice" that can burn through any surface in less than .2 seconds. I based this on no real fact.

Question: Where are all the bears?
Answer: Scientists would have you believe that bears don't live in this part of the world (specifically Northeastern Ohio) but they'd be DEAD WRONG. Not only have we seen numerous Panda bears nearby whilst on various trips into the wild but I once saw a bear in the wilds of the Akron zoo. Hey scientists! If bears don't live in Ohio how'd they find him and put him in that cage?!? You think he just magically appeared there?!? Idiot scientists...

Question: How do you make coffee in the wild?
Answer: Tree Bark and a fire. A nice hat for filtering water.

Question: Where have all the cowboys gone?
Answer: ...

Question: Do you have any plans to ever buy a patch of land for use in nature conservancy?
Answer: The fact is that owning your own land is a dream of many Americans. Sadly only 1 in a million Americans ever end up buying and owning ANYTHING let alone a patch of land. As much as we'd love to own a place named "Dreamy Acres" (we've already given a lot of thought to this idea) it's just not possible on our current income as adventurers.

Question: Why?
Answer: Shrubbery.

Join us next week when we give YOU the READER the opportunity to ask Me, INDY, your nature-related questions.


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  2. how do you avoid being eaten by a pack of wild antelope?

  3. Thank you for the valuable info, Indy.
    Question... what do you do when you come across a snake in the wild? I generally scream and run, but I'm sure you have some advice that's more practical.

  4. Well, well, well.....a new fount of knowledge for all these burning questions. :) I can see your mind works in mysterious ways. You've given me new food for thought on caterpillars.
    Popped over here from my mom's blog. Keep up the awesome posts.