Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Facts About Trees

Fact: Trees are usually old. Sometimes even older than human civilizations.

Fact: Trees have branches.

Fact: Squirrels live in trees.

Fact(?): Fairies live in trees.

Fact: I have climbed a tree.

Fact: The famous Robinson family from Sweden lived in a tree.

Fact: Most tree bark is edible and acts as a delectable addition to stews and soups. Also, it aids the digestive system... sometimes too much.

Fact: Trees grow in dirt. A tree can not grow on concrete though I have attempted a number of times to prove otherwise.

Fact: Over 99% of our world is covered in trees which aid the ozone layer by emitting a helpful element we refer to as OXYGEN.

Fact: Monkeys love trees.

Fact: Trees do not grow on Mars but most likely do grow on the dark side of the moon (recently featured in the Transformers movie)

Fact: Trees are worshipped by members of tribes all around the world and parts of Canada.

These are just a few facts about trees. Hopefully you've learned something.

Information compiled by: Indy

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