Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Food for Thought...

If you're like me then you probably like food. Well, in the wild food isn't as readily available as it is in our homes, convenience stores and Golden Corrals. Sure you can kill and hunt your own food and there's plenty of fruit and vegetables growing in the wild as well. But sometimes, even when you're miles from civilization and surrounded by acres of woods with nary a McDonalds in sight you just need to reach into your napsack for a quick bite. Here is a list of handy, ready-to-eat meals that you can keep close at hand even in the middle of no where.

1: Quiche.

A delightful quiche will hit the spot any time of day, and when eaten while surrounded by trees and fresh air and animals it's even better.

2: Ice cream.

Everyone loved ice cream. Kids, adults, disturbingly old people, frighteningly young... Try mint chocolate chip. The green color really mixes well with the grass and leaves.

3: Hot Pockets

Wildman and I live off of these when we're out on expeditions. You can heat them over an open fire or just eat them frozen. Fantastic eating...

4: Caviar

Full of valuable nutrients and minerals, caviar is a common, household food that will serve you well when you're out in the wild. It's also delectable on a ritz cracker. You can purchase ritz crackers or bake your own to take on a hike.

5: Chewing gum

You can purchase packs of this in most convenience stores or gas stations. The package warns against swallowing but that is simply not true. The truth is that the more gum you swallow the more it aids the digestive system whilst helping curb cravings and leaving you full and satisfied.

6: Long John Silver's #6 combo

A neccesity of any experienced hiker. Right up there with boots and a flannel shirt and leather hat.

7: Mexican Food

Healthy, and delicious. On a long, cold night in the dark forest you'll thank me for this suggestion.

8: Milk.

Sure anyone can go a single day without milk. But by day two you're going to be wanting a long, hard swig of that fabulous, white liquid we call milk. Take a bottle of two percent with you and leave it to cool off in the hot sun. It's fantastic.

Obviously there are a whole host of ready-to-eat snacks you can take into the wild. We'd like to see your suggestions as well so why don't you leave some suggestions for us!

Information compiled by: Indy

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  1. When hiking with my husband, I like to take along a nice juicy piece of roast beef. When we stop for a bite, I pull out some bread, pile on the beef and smother it in gravy... add a scoop of mashed potatoes... and you have a healthy snack on the go.