Monday, September 12, 2011

The Seasons: Why do they do that?

It's early September here in Ohio. Unlike most people, though I didn't need a calendar to tell me that. I deduced the changing of the months the same way I do every time... by the clouds. However, that's a subject for another post further down the road. This is to tell you about the changing of the seasons and why it happens.

There are a few answers to this question of why seasons change. Why does Summer become Winter and Fall turn to Spring?!? Well, one of the reasons is migratory fish. Everyone knows the salmon likes the swim upstream. It's pretty famous thing. But did you know that the salmon swim so quickly that they actually circulate the air above the water into such a fevered frenzy that the season changes?!?

It's true. Scientists estimate that this is one of the most common causes for the changing of the seasons. "Indy, what are other causes?!?" Well, one non-nature related answer is the selling of clothing. Changing the seasons allows fine clothiers like Dollar General, and Joe's Dud Shack to sell a wider, more varied array of clothing every year. So that flannel coat you love? Or that awesome pair of chipmunk skin gloves? Thank the fine establishments you shop at for the cold weather they provide us with every year which in turn provides you with the opportunity to wear those items.

Of course everyone wants to know, how do the companies control the weather. In a recent interview Samuel Target (owner of Target stores all over the world) had this to say: "Oh that's a trade secret, guy". And there you have it.

Another reason the seasons change is that everyone loves corn. I know I do. There's nothing I like more than 20 or so ears of corn on the cob slathered in a stick of Wal-Mart Brand Butter. Now I don't know if you know this but corn only grows in warm seasons. Due to this fact, the earth is contractually obligated to give us with at least four months of warm weather. Corn Weather is what meteorologists call it. We call it summer.

The primary reason for the changing of the seasons of course is a simple one. Rainbows. Perhaps you've seen the rainbow? It's a crescent shaped, multi-colored object that hangs in the sky during or directly following a warm, spring or summer rain? These rainbows also provide our economy with gold, as anyone with a knowledge of Irish history knows. Well, since our earth is reliant on us to spend money in order to keep those fish swimming and that corn growing, every year the earth must provide us with gold. Gold of course that we then grind down to a fine powder and eventually (somehow) turn into paper money. Money that helps keep the earth operating smoothly.

It's the circle of life my friends... And the circle of the seasons.

Information compiled (tirelessly) by: Indy


  1. Wow... very interesting!!! I didn't know that.

  2. Rainbows :) You need to an article on sharks. They're WILD