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History is a magical thing. It brings us tall tales of giants, ghosts, mighty Sasquatches, and of course, the Native American Indian. These mythical people were said to have inhabbited our country long before Christos Columbia discovered America. They were said to have a vast knowledge of the forests and a kinship with all creatures. They were purported to have invented time travel, and the modern sky scraper was supposedly based on their designs. But these people are just a myth, right?


The proof has never been more available than it is right now that the Native Indian was in fact a reality. They were people. Just like you or me or Wildman. Where did they go? No one knows. And as is the way with history, no one will ever know.



What is an arrowhead?

Scholars debate this constantly. Is the arrowhead a primitive form of drawing tool? Did they use it to scrape text into cave walls? Is it perhaps a crude eraser or a tool of some kind? Such as an ancient screw driver? It could be any or all of these things.

In my forthcoming book "The Arrowhead: WHAT THE CRAP?!?" I examine just what exactly it could have been used for from a variety of perspectives. My final goal being to prove that the arrowhead may have simply been a simply conversational object used by these Indian peoples to show other indians where they were going without using their fingers to point the way.

Where can I find an Arrowhead?!??!!11

Any where! That answer may seem crazy but it's true. A little known fact about the previously-thought-to-be-merely-a-legend Native American Indian is that they lived EVERYWHERE. Some even posit that they were the ones who built the famed Statue of Liberty that resides on New York's Easter Island. In the late 1800s I imagine that scientists unearthed billions of arrowheads around the site of the great statue.

So look around. Wherever you're standing, be it inside a modern building or deep in the Amazonian Rainforest. See something sharp and pointed fashioned from a rock? Thats an arrowhead!!! You've found one!!!

What do I do with the Arrowhead???

You have to simple options once you've located an arrowhead. The first is, of course, throw it back on the ground. The second is to mail it to the Indian Culture museum located in New Dehli, located in the country of India. I've been taking this route for years and they've never sent one back so by now they should have a fairly substantial collection of Indy-found arrowheads.

Whatever you decide to do with your arrowhead, whenever you see one take at least a few minutes to think about the people who made it. Those previously-thought-mythical Native American Indians who fashioned that arrowhead. And think about the history. Its a fascinating topic...

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