Friday, August 12, 2011

Fly Fishing: Why?

There are many forms of fishing. Spear, Dynamite, Dog, Pet Pteredactyl, and of course baseball bat are all common forms of fishing. If you've followed our work for any length of time (or just scrolled down this page) you've no doubt seen our video on some of the various forms of fishing. Those were all crude forms though. Today we're talking about a type of fishing that is done with a rod and wheel called "fly fishing".

Now first of all, the term "fishing" is a little misleading. Yes, you're using a "fishing" rod but you're not catching fish. For years, while searching for lost episodes of Wild Wild West or Dallas on tv, I would happen upon the sporting or outdoors channels and see these men standing in a stream and repeatedly casting and then recasting their fishing line.

This struck me as odd. You see, in normal every day fishing you simply throw a large bucket of mice into any body of water, dip a stick into the water, and then wait for a fish to bite the stick. This is standard fishing. Duh. But fly fishing? That confused me.

Until I realized the point. Now maybe you're thinking "hey, Indy, why didn't you just ask wikigooglia what fly fishing is?". Well, obviously a true nature enthusiast will learn all he can from the great outdoors by simply observing.

And that is how I learned why it's called "Fly Fishing".

There's a technique to fly fishing. You must be quick, and nimble like a cheetah or a baby Tarzan. You take a rod, with string, and cast it into the air repeatedly. To the end of the string you will have attached a hook. If a hook is unavailable you may attach a nail, preferably rusted.

Then you just start slinging. Fast as can be at thin air. The sole object being to catch flies.

"But, Indy, why would I catch flies?!?" you're probably asking.

Simple. They make a delectable treat. You can fry them, roast them, broil them... even eat them raw. Many is the time that Wildman and myself have been in the wilds of Northeastern Ohio and we have had to survive by fly fishing.

Hopefully this will serve you in future hiking expeditions should you find yourself lost and alone without food. Or simply fly fish as a fun game. You might not catch anything but you'll learn something about nature and yourself.

Information compiled by: Indy

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