Monday, August 8, 2011

Crickets: Natures Symphony or Miniature Mutant Murder Machines?

Tonight whilst strolling through the woods barefoot I couldn't help but give thanks for the beautiful music those delightful little creatures we call "the cricket"  were playing for me. "How do they do it?" I asked myself. No one knows. It is a mystery for the ages. Despite this fact, I paused and listened for quite a while. I thought to myself that the cricket is an adorable, joyful little creature.

But is that really the case?!?

Famed German naturist Hans Grueber once stated that "the cricket, if given the time, would concoct a host of weaponry and firepower to kill the world and capture it for themselves". Through out history there has never been a situation wherein the cricket has shown itself to be anything other than peaceful. But suppose that is just a clever ruse...

If the common cricket ever saw the need to rise up one would imagine their conquest of the world would be QUICK and EASY. Simple numbers would dictate it. After all, the cricket race outnumbers the human race 1 billion to 1. One billion crickets is a hurricane of terror.

Native American folklore tells of a day when the cricket will rise up and overtake the world with their ceaseless noise-making and endless hordes. Cricket Day. Is it real? Maybe. Maybe...

Compiled by: Indy

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