Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's tiny. It's brown. It's every where. Literally. Every where. It is a substance known simply as "dirt", and it is truly a marvel. In fact, it is such a marvel that dirt is actually one of the wonders of the world. Number 93 to be precise.

Dirt is very mysterious. Ancient cultures worshipped it, and modern scientists are baffled by it. For instance a single grain of dirt could hold up the Empire State Building. This defies all laws of physics! How is it possible?!? Nobody knows!

In the 1400's a noted Astro Physicist named Ginger VonBrown stated "Dirt is super crazy. It's like the craziest and most interesting thing I've ever looked at through a microscope."

As I walk the hills, dales, and soft, dirt covered paths of my hometown I'm amazed by the sheer magnitude of dirt every where I look. Recently geologists have come to estimate that dirt covers more of our planet than even water! That's crazy because earth covers over 400% (exact numbers are not at hand) so dirt must cover a good 500% or more!!!

But what do we know about this substance? Well, the best known fact about dirt is that it is in fact the remains of human, animal (and possibly alien) fecal matter. What?!? Yep! It's true. Hundreds of years ago, before toilets were invented, humans would go to the bathroom wherever possible. Obviously animals go wherever they desire. But where does the poop go after that? That's right, it becomes dirt.

At first this may seem pretty gross. We're walking around on miles and miles of millenia-old poo. But that's okay! Everyone knows that one thing time does is cleanse things and the same holds up for human waste. Time has cleansed all the germs and harmful bacteria from our poo and created a natural base for our planet.

The other thing we know about dirt is that IT CAN HOLD UP ANYTHING!!! Want proof?!? Lets go to the photo gallery!

Under all these things is the simple object known as "dirt". Of course there's much more to dirt. When wet it becomes a substance known as "mud" which is useful in the construction of homes and baseball stadiums. Unfortunately I don't have time to write about mud today. But soon. Soon...

We should all be thankful for dirt. Perhaps it's true purpose on earth isn't only to keep things from falling into the middle of the earth's core but to show us that, yes, even a tiny insignificant turd can one day serve as the foundation for an amazing monument or structure. Maybe we should all take that into account in our daily lives...

Information (and thought provoking commentary) compiled by: Indy

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