Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Suggestion!

Recently I was on a two day hike with Wildman. Normally we only disappear into the wild for a handful of hours at a time but on this occasion we headed out with some hunting spears and a tent for a 48 hour extravaganza of nature. I'm glad we did because it brought something to my attention that I'd never considered before. Something that gave me pause. Something that made me say "hey wouldn't it be cool if..."

Well, of course there's only one place to head whenever I have an issue with the outdoors. One place who listens patiently to my suggestions of things that should be a part of nature. What follows is a letter I wrote to the people who are a part of that place... and as a special bonus I have included their response.

Dear Parks Department,

Hey guys it's me again. Indy. I just wanted to write and let you guys know I love the work you're doing in our forests and rivers. I saw the beautiful trees growing down by that bend in the river where I always go and thought to myself "man, the parks department is really rockin' it this year". While I'm thinking about it allow me to thank you for the Tuscarawas River as well. I'm sure it's been a while since anyone took the time to thank you guys for building us a river so close to home but, seriously, thanks so much.

On the other hand, I was recently sprayed by a skunk whilst traversing a bike trail over in Stark County.... What the heck, guys?

Okay okay, I'll forgive it this once. My real reason for writing "y'all" is to offer up a suggestion for your forests. In the future I was wondering if you couldn't maybe grow some bigger trees. Say 10-11 feet around. I was thinking perhaps like those Red Dawg trees that grow out in California. You see, they not only would be a fantastic addition to the forest but, if hollowed out they could provide an ideal spot for sleeping. I'm just talking about hollowing out the base of the tree, obviously you can't hollow out the whole thing! That's absurd! haha

But anyway, I was also wondering if you could install electricity into the trees as well so when I hunker down in the hollowed out base of the tree for the evening I could watch my nature programs on my computer. I think this would also help with the tourism quotient of the woods and really help to make people want to come out and spend some time in the wild. Nothing like a giant tree home with wifi and electricity to spend the night in to really bolster interest in the wild.

I hope you'll consider this suggestion. Also, if you'd like to name a tree after me (since I'm the one that suggested it) I would allow that.

Thanks guys! Again, I love what you're doing out there!

Sincerely yours forever,

Here is the response I received through electronic mail...
Dear sir,
Thank you for your interest in our parks and trails. We will certainly take your suggestions into consideration and thank you for taking the time to write us with your thoughts!

Parks Department Staff

PS: You do know we have nothing to do with the creation of nature, correct?

Information compiled by: Indy

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